Basilica of the Annunciation
Volunteers - Explanation
The programme was created a long time ago and has been done in an informal way, but since 2005 we have developed a more challenging programme in order to better match the needs of the Shrine.

This programme requires good hands and generous hearts, who would like to commit a period of time of their lives to serve the Lord and His Mother in the community of Nazareth.

Volunteering is not just an alternative for someone who has not a better choice. Volunteering is a free choice, a free answer to an inner calling. Many people who come to the Holy Land, realize the needs of the Holy Places and feel the inner prompt to come to serve. Is it not your case? Besides the Holy Places and the Shrines all volunteers would also have the opportunity to meet the Christians of the Holy Land, the Living Stones, who carry the testemony of Jesus Christ in His own land!

The more important requirement to become a volunteer to be available to serve a community. We offer a safe shelter, a place to stay, a fellowship table, moments of reflection and prayer, an experience of friendship and respect, in a word, an experience of 'koinonia' in a country divided by many 'human walls'.

The volunteers are called to share and contribute in the construction of the ideal of life of Francis of Assisi, the man of peace and universal brotherhood, who wished everybody to become 'bridges' for others. Will you accept his invitation?
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