Basilica of the Annunciation
Instructions for the Eucharistic Celebration

Instructions for the Eucharist Celebrations

at the 'Basilica of the Annunciation':

1. Reservation are made only through the new website. We do not make reservations for Eucharistic Celebrations by phone or fax. 

2. The 'Pilgrim's Office Contact Centre' is open from Monday to Saturday 9am 12pm and 2pm - 5.30pm. Our direct number is (04) 656 0001.

3. The Eucharistic Celebrations confirmed for the 'Basilica of the Annunciation' are in the calendar of the website.

Any reservation that is not confirmed in the calendar of the website is considered invalid.

5. The agencies cannot book in the same
day two different hours, either morning or afternoon, for two different groups if they have the same language or come from the same country. The booking system provides for the agency the option to join the groups in the same place and time. This refers for both 'St Joseph's Church' and for the 'Grotto' (the Lower Basilica). However, both groups must present the fax confirmation when they reach the church where the Eucharist celebration will take place.

* The fax confirmation  (document holding the Guardian's signature and the Custody stamp) is the only document acceptable at the moment for the admission to the place of the celebration. If the group does not present the fax confirmation, the Church staff has no obligation to prepare the place for the Eucharistic celebration and will not allow the group to celebrate either in the 'UPPER BASILICA' or at 'Saint Joseph's Church'.

6. Emails are not valid as confirmation!
There will always be a fax confirmation in attachment to the agency. After 48hs of the request if the agency did not receive the confirmation, they should contact the 'Pilgrim's Office Contact Centre' at the number (04) 656 0001 immediately.

7. If the agency
does not notify the 'Pilgrim's Office Contact Centre' in due time about delays or cancelations of Eucharist celebrations, corrective measures such as the loss of permission to book masses for the period of one or two weeks, will be taken. If the same kind of problems continue the agency may not be allowed to book Eucharist Celebrations in the 'Basilica of The Annunciation' or at 'St Joseph's Church', anymore.

8. At the Grotto, for the 7am masses, the minimum of people is 10 and the maximum is 50, both including priests. The groups that don't reach the minimum of 10 people will be automatically transfered to the side altar".

9. At 'St Joseph's Church' the minimum number of people is 10 (including priests) and the maximum 150 (including priests). Groups with fewer than 10 people will be automatically transferred to St Anne's altar in the Lower Basilica.

10. The Eucharist celebrations should begin on time. The maximum tolerable waiting time for the groups is 10 minutes if we have been notified in advance.

11. The Eucharist celebrations should finish 10 minutes before the time of the following mass.

12. Reservations can be made in maximum of 4 months in advance.

13. Cancellations or changing requests should always be made by the Agency through the website and not by fax or phone.

11. Reservation should be made through the website until 24 hrs before the date. In the need of booking a mass in the same day contact the 'Pilgrim's Office Contact Centre' at the number (04) 656 0001. On Sundays please contact the sacristy of the 'Grotto' at the number: (04) 6572501.


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